Young at Heart

I am an Interior Design student at St. Clair College in final year of an accredited 3 year program. I am redirecting my career after a fulfilling one as a graphic designer. For the next chapter, my aim is to build upon the skills I have honed and take the excitement of design in new directions. So far, I am achieving a 4.0 average and having the time of my life!

Internship – Summer 2014

In June 2014, Helena Ventrella Limited agreed to take me on as a student summer intern. In addition to first-hand, real-world exposure to the Interior Design industry in Windsor and surrounding area, I had the opportunity use and build upon the skills I have acquired thus far. I gained a more thorough understanding of the materials and components used in interiors. I saw both completed projects and projects in various stages of progress — both at the studio and on site. I met with clients, partners and suppliers. Most importantly, I was invited to participate in studio activities and assist the six permanent team members. I will continue to intern with Helena Ventrella Limited throughout the school year.



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